JAM Program

Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM)

Proceeds from the convention support the JAM program!

One of the many things to enjoy in Ashe County is the traditional old time music. Passing this musical tradition to the next generation is the purpose of the Ashe County sponsored Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) program started in Ashe County in 2000.

The JAM program is available in partnership with Ashe County 4-H Afterschool program at Blue Ridge Elementary, Mountain View and Westwood Elementary schools. The JAM program offers music to 4th-6th grade students who want to learn to play banjo, guitar or fiddle.

JAM Club meets on Monday night and is open to former and current JAM students. JAM club students should be proficient in changing cords and playing with a group Students learn new music and practice playing as a band.