2018 Winners

2018 Winners



Adult Winners

 Bluegrass Band

First        Coyote Café, Kingsport, TN

Second    Adams Creek, Concord, NC

Third       The Jakes from State Farm,

                  Conover, NC

Fourth    Hickory Bend Bluegrass, East Bend, NC


Old Time Band                                     

First       Gap Civil, Sparta, NC

Second    High Ridge Pickers, West Jefferson, NC

Third       The New Macedon Rangers,

                   Pittsboro, NC

Fourth    Brushy Mountain Buddies, Taylorsville, NC


Bluegrass Fiddle

First       Jacob Turnbill, Boiling Springs, NC    

Second   Crystal Hensley, Liberty, SC 

Third     Andrew Small, Pittsboro, NC

Fourth   Randy Elmore, Glen Rose, TX

Fifth       Anissa Burnett, Boone, NC


Old Time Fiddle

First       Andrew Small, Pittsboro, NC

Second    Anissa Burnett, Boone, NC

Third      Asa Nelson, Zionville, NC

Fourth    Valerie Ryals, Burleson, TX

Fifth        Ruth Shumway, West Jefferson, NC



First         Steve Lewis, Jefferson, NC

Second     Brandon Graybeal, West Jefferson, NC

Third        Steve Kilby, Mouth of Wilson, VA

Fourth     Thomas Kendall,  Victoria, Australia



First       Andrew Dowling, Spartanburg, SC

Second   Jim Reynolds, Glendale Springs, NC



First       Luke Little, Summerfield, NC

Second   Simon Dunson, Durham, NC

Third       Louis Hughes, Spartanburg, SC

Fourth   Robert Steelman, Yadkinville, NC

Fifth       Thomas Kendall,  Victoria, Australia


Bluegrass Banjo

First         Steve Lewis, Jefferson, NC

Second     Jacob Johnson, North Wilkesboro, NC

Third       Carter Wilson, Fleetwood, NC

Fourth     Jacob Moretz, Boone, NC

Fifth        Dwain Hunt, East Bend, NC


Old Time Banjo

First      Trish Fore, Galax, VA  

Second   Jared Boyd, Independence, VA

Third      Ashlee Watkins, Victoria, Australia    

Fourth   Madison Shepherd, Jefferson, NC

Fifth      Emma Parrish, Boone, NC


Bass Fiddle

First        Ben Silcox, Riner, VA

Second   Stacy Boyd, Laurel Fork, VA

Third     Karen Reynolds, Glendale Springs, NC



First       Penny Kilby, Mouth of Wilson, VA

Second   JoAnn Redd, Galax, VA

Third       Virgil Adams, Galax, VA

Fourth     Vickie Boyd, Laurel Fork, VA

Fifth      Emilee Lippard, Statesville, NC



First       Shohei Tsutsumi, Elkin, NC

Second   Mary Greene, Boone, NC

Third     Steve Kilby, Mouth of Wilson, VA

Fourth   John McCallum, Glendale Springs, NC


Folk Song

First      Andrew Small, Pittsboro, NC

Second   Ashlee Watkins, Victoria, Australia  

Third     Kinsey Greene, Boone, NC

Fourth   Ruth Shumway, West Jefferson, NC

Fifth       Kathleen Burnett, Boone, NC



First       Madison Shepherd, Jefferson, NC

Second   Asa Nelson, Zionville, NC

Third     Anneli Burnett, Boone, NC




Youth Winners

 Youth Band

  First        Rank Strangers to Ashe County,

                  Mooresville, NC


 Bluegrass Fiddle

  First         Anneli Burnett, Boone, NC

  Second   Asa Nelson, Zionville, NC

  Third       Sophia Burnett, Boone, NC


 Old Time Fiddle

  First         Asa Nelson, Zionville, NC

  Second   Anneli Burnett, Zionville, NC

  Third      Sophia Burnett, Boone, NC



      First         Cassidy Miller, West Jefferson, NC

      Second   Ethan Pardue, Sparta, NC

      Third       Karlee Hamm, Lansing, NC



    First       Maddie Lippard, Statesville, NC

    Second   Maggie Dowling, Spartanburg, SC  


    Bluegrass Banjo

    First         Jacob Moretz, Boone, NC

    Second     Ettore Buzzini, Mooresville, NC

    Third      Ethan Pardue, Sparta, NC


   Old Time Banjo

    First         Nathan Canup, West Jefferson, NC

    Second   Belle Lippard, Statesville, NC


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