2015 Winners

2015 Winners


Adult Winners

Bluegrass Band

First, Off Road of Kingsport, TNS Second, Gaining Ground of  Mocksville Third, Clay Bank of West Jefferson Fourth, Open Case Bluegrass Band of Troutdale Fifth, Tommy Chandler and the Hustlers of Mocksville Sixth, Unmerited Favor of West Jefferson

Old Time Band

Blue Ridge Mountain Ramblers of Galax, VA New River Renegades of Mouth of Wilson, VA High Ridge Pickers of Charlotte Lazy Annes of Sparta Uncle Joe and the Shady Rest of Wilkesboro


First, JoAnn Reed of Galax Second, Vickie Boyd of Laurel Fork, VA Third, Virgil Adams of Galax

Bass Fiddle

First, Ben Silcox of Riner, VA Second, Gary Trivette of  Vilas Third, Stacy Boyd of Laurel Fork Fourth, Lynne Powell of Mocksville Fifth, Jerry Steinburg of Salem

Bluegrass Banjo

First, Steve Lewis of Todd Second, Andy Lowe of Winston-Salem Third,  Clay Russell of Troutdale, VA Fourth, Brandy Miller of Fleetwood Fifth,  Eric Hardin of West Jefferson

Bluegrass Fiddle

First, Crystal Shipley of  Kingsport, TN Second, Kitty Amaral, of Elk Creek, VA Third, Sarah Lemonds, of Charlotte Fourth, Lucas Pasley of Sparta Fifth, Ben Silcox of Riner, VA


First, Glen Craver of Winston-Salem Second, Dan Roark of Saltville, VA Third, John Powell of Mocksville Fourth, Jim Reynolds of Glendale Springs Fifth, Jimmy Ball of Cleveland


First, Ehukai Teves of Bryson City Second, Steve Kilby of Mouth of Wilson, VA Third, Lois Hornbostel of Bryson City Fourth, John McCallum of Morehead City Fifth,  Jimmy Ball of Cleveland

Folk Song

First, Trevor McKenzie of Zionville Second, Lynne Powell of Mocksville Third, Zach Arnold of West Jefferson Fourth, Kathleen Burnett of Boone Fifth, Jared Boyd of Laurel Fork, VA


First, Presley Barker of Traphill Second, Steve Lewis of Todd Third, Eric  Hardin of  West Jefferson Fourth, Tyler Thompson of Mountain City, TN Fifth, Steve Kilby of Mouth of Wilson, VA


First, Rodney Hodges of Galax. VA Second, Eric Hardin of West Jefferson Third, Josh Hicks of Hartwell, GA Fourth,  Brandon Hardin of West Jefferson Fifth,  Mose Waller of Chilhowie, VA

Old Time Banjo

First, Jared Boyd of Laurel Fork, VA Second, Trish Kilby Fore of  Galax, VA Third, Cathy Fink of Lansing Fourth, Brittany Osborne of Jefferson Fifth, Willow Dillon of Boone

Old Time Fiddle

First, Chris Testerman of Lansing Second, Kitty Amaral of Elk Creek, VA Third, Erica Testerman of Lansing Fourth, Willow Dillon of Boone Fifth, Ruth Shumway of Charlotte


First, Danny Shepherd of West Jefferson Second, Stacy Boyd of Laurel Fork, VA Third, Lesley Osborne of Jefferson

Youth Winners

Bluegrass Banjo

First, Clay Busic of Piney Creek Second, Carter Wilson of Fleetwood Third, Trajan Wellington of Jefferson

Bluegrass Fiddle

First, Kitty Amaral of Elk Creek, VA Second, Cooper Parsons of  Crumpler Third, Samuel Tsolis of West Jefferson


First, Presley Barker of  Traphill Second, Anna Rollins of Wilkesboro Third, Hazel Pasley of Sparta


First, Tatum Holloway of North Wilkesboro Second, Devin Hewie of Pulear Third, Chaney Parsons of Roaring River

Old Time Banjo

First, Brittany Osborne of  Jefferson Second, Samuel Tsolis of  West Jefferson Third, Harry Vickery of  Wimberley, TX

Old Time Fiddle

First, Kitty Amaral, Elk Creek, VA Second, Wesley Coatney, Boone Third, Madison Elmore, Hays


First, Fiddles and Frets of Boone Second, Foxtail String Band of Boone Third, Rug Rats of Wilkesboro

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